About us

The Tagged Off idea came about after Episode #39 on the Life Of Mine

The show’s host, Matty Michael, was reminiscing with Graeme “Zooma” Brand about some of the legends within the underground mining industry that have passed away over the years. From this, Matty and Zooma identified a gap that needed to be filled in the Industry. It was the fact that Underground Mining folk who have passed away from non-mining related incidents and/or natural causes, didn’t have an online memory like those who have passed away from a Mining related incident. This was the birth of the “Tagged Off” concept.

Tagged Off now allows family members and loved ones to post a tribute in memory of any Aussie Miner that isn’t with us anymore. There are so many legends that have graced us with their presence over the years and Tagged Off serves as the central meeting place for us to remember all of them.

So spread the word and play your part in building a great Memorial for past
Mining Legends.


Through a celebration of life, we can keep the memories going and the legends alive.

Support the Australian Mining community

As a community, we can be brought together through shared memories, photos, legendary stories and tokens of appreciation of those who have passed. If you have lost a mining mate or family member who worked in the mining industry, we encourage you to create a Tagged Off tribute in their honour! It’s free and easy to do.